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New Products

Grow Lamp

Consuming a real 660W and providing a powerful PPF of 1,432 umol/s, Eurnortech’s Grow Light is a perfect replacement of the 1200W Double-Ended HPS lamps. This Grow Light uses half the BTU (heat), halves the HVAC demands and is virtually maintenance-free. This lamp is a perfect solution for all Horticultural growth needs.

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T5 High Bay

Introducing the T5 High Bay, a perfect solution to aging fluorescent tube fixtures. Bearing the Eurnortech quality and offering substantial power savings and outstanding longevity.

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Round High Bay

Lightweight, high efficacy, easy to install and a variety of lenses and reflectors, the Round High Bay is a perfect industrial lighting solution to replace HPS 100 to HPS 400 High Bays.

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LED Panel

Our new LED Panel will improve the visual aspects of any office, reduce eye strain of employees and provide a very uniform light. Its unique construction extends the life expectancy, while eliminating contaminants from getting inside.

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We promise you


Quality is very important to us. By controlling each and every step of our manufacturing process, we have the upper hand on any issue that may arise, solving it before the product reaches the end-customer.


Our engineering team has many years of lighting experience, including PCB design, optical design, power supply design and thermal analysis. They stay on top of the latest technological advancements, constantly improving the manufacturing process, increasing the efficiency and reducing the costs.

Customer service

Our customer service team takes care of all the in-field issues, guiding our customers towards an optimal solution. They also provide our engineering department with feature requests from our customers.

Global approach

We are an international company with offices in Canada, Germany and China. This allows us to provide an outstanding solution to all our worldwide customers. We understand that each geographical location has different lighting requirements, certification needs and cost sensitivity. We can satisfy all these needs by referring the project to the appropriate team.


We realise that to be a market leader, we need to offer more than a superior product to our customers. After very strict design guidelines and vigorous manufacturing supervision, offering warranty for our products becomes a simple task. We are sure in our products and we would like our clients to feel the same.