600W Grow Light

  • Wide continuous spectrum
  • PPF of 1,432 μmol/s
  • Efficacy of 2.21 μmol/J
  • Fanless cooling
  • Heat generation of 1,885 BTU/hr
  • L90 > 54,000hrs
  • 100-347VAC input
UL Listed
LED Dimmable
PPF 1,432 μmol/s
Input voltage 90-347VAC
Power 660W
Efficacy 2.21 μmol/J
L90 50,000hrs
Housing material Aluminum
Cooling Passive fanless cooling

Perfect solution for any plant growing needs

Wide continuous spectrum

ELS-GL600 features a continuous spectrum of light, optimized for vegetable growing requirements. It is an uninterrupted (no bands) white spectrum, with optional boosts in the blues and reds, unlike the 1000W DE HPS grow lamp which is lacking in the blue range.

Increase the yield and crop size

Get increased number of flowers, buds, fruits, leafs with increased content of required nutrients. The full spectrum of the Grow Lamp provides adequate lighting for the vegetation stage (blue light) and flowering stage (red light), while also supplying the green, yellow, orange and other colors necessary for perfect crops.

Passive fanless cooling

Its unique power dissipation design allows the Grow Light to avoid mechanical fans. This in turn extends its longevity, considerably reduces the maintenance requirements and eliminates the noise.

High Efficacy and Light Output

ELS-GL600 offers a 2.21μmol/J of power-to-light conversion efficacy and a PPF of 1,432μmol/s. These two parameters position it at the leading edge of LED technology and makes it a market leader. It also means that there is more light produced per unit of energy, resulting in considerable financial savings, versus an HPS.

Reduced Mounting Height

Unlike HPS bulbs, LEDs emit the heat through their back side. This allows the Grow Light to be placed closer to the canopy without damaging them with heat. This also makes it possible to have a lower ceiling and still cover a wide number of plants.

Even though the lamp has a lower PPF than a 1000W DE HPS, its ability to be placed closer to the canopy doesn’t reduce its effectiveness for plant growing.

Energy Savings

Consuming half the power and requiring half the HVAC-related energy expenses, ELS-GL600 brings considerable financial costs savings. The higher up-front cost of the lamps (vs 1000W DE HPS) is recuperated within the first year. All the consecutive years accumulate savings.

Perfect for cannabis growing

Larger number and bigger size of buds, stronger and taller plants, wider leafs, higher THC content. This Lamp was submitted to the most rigorous tests and performed beyond expectations.

Grow light, 600Watt

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