• Many choices
  • IP68 water submersible
  • Made of silicone
  • Customizable
LED Dimmable

Unique solutions and design flexibility

Our strips are truly unique. Made of silicone, they keep their elasticity during the coldest winters. IP68 rating lets them to be submersed under water continuously. Wire-from-back design allows for back to back positioning of several strips, creating a very long seamless string of lights.

Single-sided strip

Dual-sided strip

Full-surface strip

All colors and choices whites are possible

Our RGB (color) or White strips feature an infinite number of possibilities. Any color can be represented using the RGB version. Any White “color temperature” can be obtained from the warmest yellowish tints to the whitest whites.

Indoor and outdoor

Our strips are made of silicone which can be used in a wide array of applications. This unique material retains its properties even in the harshest environment, remains flexible from -55C to +300C and is chemically-stable.

Even though our strips don’t operate at +300C, they are superior to any other strip made of another material in the market. Install it in direct sun, under water, in a freezer, it will keep operating regardless of its environment.

Perfect solution to modern design demands

Accent lighting, bathroom light, kitchen lighting, landscape accents and whatever else your creative mind can conceive. Our strips add a lot of flexibility to any challenging architectural design requirements. A designer is no longer limited by fragility, length, rigidity or uniformity of regular lights.


By carefully choosing the LEDs that are installed in our strips, we can guarantee that they will work for a very long time. Due to Ultraviolet light stability of silicone, the strips will never turn yellow as usually happens with strips from other manufacturers.

Perfect control solutions

Beside our strips, we also provide dimmers and remote controllers. They allow for a very finely tuned adjustment of colors, dimming, white balancing, etc.

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