About us

About Us

Eurnortech is a leader in lighting and automation industry with engineering offices in Germany, Canada and Asia. Our engineering expertise allows us to be at the leading edge of technological advancements & engineering trends in the lighting and automation market. Eurnortech also offers complete design and product solutions to OEMs in the areas of electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, thermal analysis and optics through our global engineering teams with their combined resources and experience.


Mission Statement

Our mission is to be a global leader in the innovation of lighting and automation solutions that offer a unique technological difference resulting in superior customer service and satisfaction.

Our Vision & Values are the core of Eurnortech’s roadmap.
Engineering expertise for the evolution and enhancements of products and ideas
United with our customers in the drive for excellence
Respect is the key element of our internal and external relationships with people regardless if they are customers, suppliers or employees
New partners are added regularly in the expansion of our global network
Organization that is lean and decentralized resulting in global collaboration with customers
Reap the benefits of delivering quality products and services to the lighting and automation markets
Technological Innovation is what we strive for on a continuous basis
Efficient utilization of resources allow us to be a nimble company
Customer satisfaction is our driving force as we strive to exceed expectations
Honor our commitments