Control Modules

Control Modules

Eurnortech Power products feature controllers, drivers and power supplies for indoor and outdoor LED lighting. Efficiency and reliability are the driving forces for these products, whose quality isn’t sacrificed for cost.

It is well known that the quality of the power supply and driver is very important for longevity of a lighting fixture. Our robust design and strict quality control during production allows a longer life than typically expected from LEDs engines.

Here are some of our custom products that we designed for our clients.

The RS232 Current Sensor is part of Eurnortech’s Power Control family of products. It allows the measurement of any current up to 2Amps. The result is transmitted over RS232 port for control and diagnostic purposes. RS232 port interface sports an optical isolator, protecting it from the power interface.

The PWM Isolator is part of Eurnortech’s Power Control family of products. It allows optical isolation of PWM dimming signals between the transmitter and the receiver. In industrial and large scale commercial applications, the distance from main controller to the LED lights can be very considerable, requiring long wires to be installed for control purposes. Those wires are prone to damage and thus need to be isolated from the main controller. the Pwm Isolator provides this type of isolation of PWM signals.
The PWM Isolator also allows driving LEDs and control the dimming. Its 2 independent channels can drive LEDs up to 40V and 1A per channel.

The ECT Series, 1/2/3/4-channel SMART LED Power Supply Controller can drive up to 4 strings of LEDs by individ-ually dimming them and provide per-channel diagnostics. Its remote-control ability allows a reduction of the flicker by shutting off one, two or three strings of LEDs, keeping the remaining strings fully-powered. It can also dim each string independently and drive 1/2/3/4 independent lights or a single combined light. The optional communication module adds the remote-control and diagnostics capabilities, meas-uring the current, voltage and temperature of the LED strings, and allowing remote dimming and bright-ness control. The outputs are fully protected against over-voltage, over-current and over-temperature.

The RS232 PWM Converter is part of Eurnortech’s Power Control family of products. It allows controlling PWM-enabled power modules with RS232 interface. By sending digital control commands over RS232 interface and converting them to PWM at the destination, reduces the error due to noise and allows smoother and more predictable control of the LED lights dimming.
The RS232 PWM Converter accepts an RS232 command on its input and outputs a 1kHz PWM signal, depending on that command. The RS232 port is optically isolated from the rest of the system.

The Quad Channel Controller with display is the next generation of our popular Quad Channel LED controller. It allows independent control of 4 LED outputs, 1Amp each, with a 0-10V dimming signal.
The display provides essential information, such as Voltage per channel, Current per channel and Dimming level per channel. This can be useful for localized diagnostics of equipment in industrial and large scale commercial applications.

The EDR Series, constant-current, low profile LED driver is the smallest driver on the market. Its ability to be installed on the cable is very convenient for hard to reach places. The IP68-rated plastic enclosure, hermetically sealed to avoid liquid damage further facilitates the integration of this product into LED light engines. Its efficient design and thermal management allows the use of this product without heat sinks or other power dissipation requirements. In case of extreme temperatures, the overtemperature protection will start reducing the output current once 85C is reached.

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